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Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee) is explained as a universal life force and is an ancient healing system, said to have originated in Tibet several thousand years ago. It became known in the West in the 1940’s This energy is transmitted via the hands to various energy points, thus imparting a deep sense of energy flow to the sites where it is most required.

The client remains fully clothed and either seated or lying for treatment, covered with a blanket if required. having removed shoes and restrictive clothing such as belts

A choice of hand positions either on or just above the body is used in order to promote healing on every level-physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, current or past.

Many clients fall asleep during the treatment or enter a state of deep relaxation, which can further enhance the healing process. However verbal communication & feedback during the treatment is also welcome.

Treatments can help with numerous conditions / ailments, including stress, anxiety, migraine headaches, gynaecological health issues, tumours, , PMS, arthritis, hypertension, nervous conditions, muscular pain & tension, digestive ailments, recovery from surgery and the support of emotional healing, the scars of which can be in the past, and more.

A Reiki therapy called Healing Attunement may also be offered for certain issues and to enhance receptivity to Reiki treatments. This is carried out whilst the client is in a seated position.

Fees; £52.00 – 60mins


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