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Adolescence Counselling

Children and teenagers face many pressures in society. Many do fine but some find it hard to cope or do not get the support they require to feel safe, happy and confident. Our adolescence counselling in London can help them work through these issues. If a child is feeling anxious or troubled, they may express their unhappiness in several ways:

· difficulties concentrating

· behavioural changes – sad, irritable, depressed, loss of interest/enjoyment

· poor sleeping habits, having nightmares, wetting the bed

· being disruptive in class

· issues with food, or cleanliness, or developing eating problems

· attempt to harm themselves

· difficulties making friends, or finding relationships at home difficult

· becoming fearful and resentful

· change in behaviour at school, getting into fights and becoming aggressive

· begin or increase alcohol/drug use.

Counselling for stress

Often, during adolescence, some children feel as though their parents are pressuring them and just want space. That is why many children tend to withdraw when they reach their adolescence and don’t as much involvement with their parents. Also during this period, they become more aware of their bodies and their sexuality.

It can be hard for children and young people to know what to do with their difficult thoughts and emotions, and to find words to express them. Counselling offers a safe and private space for young people to work through difficulties and offers the opportunity to explore the meaning in their life, work through old habits, discover ways of letting go of those that no longer work and develop independence, confidence and self-acceptance.

Adolescent counsellors are professionals who have specialist training on how to listen to young adults and to address different things an adolescent may be going through. In addition, they provide support and guidance to adolescents on how they should handle themselves during all the changes that they are going through

Speaking to a counsellor, away from their home and school life can take away some of the pressure, allowing the child to cope better with their feelings and to enjoy life again.


Dolores specialises in adolescence counselling

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