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Australian Bush Flower Essence

Are catalysts that can help us heal by working through and towards resolving a vast range of emotional states & imbalances as well as helping to develop intuitive awareness- recognising that much physical illness is often the result of acute or chronic emotional imbalances, the latter likely to have its roots in our early life.

During or prior to the initial consultation you will be asked to complete a detailed Client Background Information sheet so that I am able to get a sense of what essence or blend of essences is required for a first cycle of use. The more information you can provide, the more accurately the essences will be able to work.

We will then meet face to face and this session will be 1-2hrs in length. Your essence will be made up and you will be directed how to take it.

I also work intuitively so may also incorporate Reiki into helping to decide on an essence as well as the background information given.

The most urgent needs are addressed first-such as any physiological symptoms that may be manifesting.

A follow up session takes place after 2 weeks in order to feedback your observations after taking your essence. Based on this outcome you may be prescribed the same one again, or another essence added to original or a new essence prescribed.

These essences are not a substitute for any medical treatment, yet can act in a supportive and positive way.

Fees; Initial Consultation £70.00 – 90 mins
Includes the cost of the first prescription.
Detailed form sent to you in advance to be completed & brought to the session.

Follow up 2 weeks later – £65 Includes prescription.

Subsequent appointments – £55 with prescription tailored to your needs.



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