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I was drawn to becoming a yoga teacher and holistic practitioner 

When I found yoga when pregnant with my first son 34 years ago. I was amazed at how well I felt on every level with a regular practice.

After experiencing a traumatic labour & birth and post-natal depression, I was drawn to return to classes one year after the birth as I wanted to recapture the sense of peace & well being that yoga provided. I was not disappointed!

After 3 years of regular practice, I wanted to find out more & my teacher, who was in her late 70’s at the time suggested that I look for a teacher training course with the British Wheel of Yoga.

I had no intention in becoming a teacher but thought if this was the only way accessible to me and my self-exploration then I would follow this route.

At the initial meeting I thought I had made a big mistake as, looking at the syllabus, I didn’t understand the terminology and felt really out of my depth in a large group of student teachers.

However, my tutor was so supportive and encouraging & knew how to bring out the best in me.

I began to teach and have not stopped since. I have also never stopped learning. Over the years I have added ample yoga teaching & yoga therapy strings to my bow and am on a continual voyage of self-discovery & self-acceptance. I learn so much from those I work with and am grateful to be able to do this.

My second son was diagnosed with severe health issues prior to birth, including chronic renal failure. I spent many weeks over the following 15 years in & out of the hospital with him. The stress and fear were intense but what sustained me throughout was my practice and teaching. It became clear that I needed to be more independent workwise as I needed to be available at the drop of hat to support my son throughout these years. So I began to train in massage therapy & continued to add various massage therapies to my qualifications. I also was drawn to Reiki-a vibrational, universal healing and was attuned to Reiki 1 and 2. In 2005 I became self-employed as a mind-body-spirit practitioner.

In 2009 I donated a kidney to my son and realised that I needed to find a yoga practice that suited this massive change.

One of the side effects was that my body was so shocked I instantly went into full-blown menopause, without any gradual onset.

As a yoga teacher & practitioner, I was very in tune with what I needed but it was initially a challenge to accept what I needed was different from what I wanted. Once I accepted this it created the space to move forward on many levels. I find that this acceptance is a challenge for most of us!

I researched for 2 years into how I could pursue what I needed myself and at the same time be able to offer it to others.

I became attuned to Reiki Master Level. In 2011 began training as a Well Woman Yoga therapist. I had always been aware of the connection between emotions & health and how we can hold in our bodies’ trauma from early years, even embryonic stage, possible past lives, too. Reiki, Yoga therapy and therapeutic massage all enabled me to deepen this exploration within myself and with others. My own life experiences have given me an insight into understanding the impact of life events & how the therapies I have experienced and offer can, in turn, be extended to others.

British Wheel of Yoga teaching diploma
British Wheel of Yoga Pregnancy diploma
British Wheel of Yoga teaching practice observer
ITEC Anatomy Physiology & Massage Diploma-credit
ITEC Indian Head Massage diploma-distinction
ITEC Baby Massage Instructor-distinction
Reiki 1,2& Master certificates
Ayurvedic Foot Massage
Hot Stones chakra massage
Birthlight Well Woman teaching diploma part 1
Birthlight Well Woman teaching diploma part 2 (yoga therapist)

Other training
Neuro-Muscular technique
Trigger Point Therapy
The viniyoga of Pranayama part 1 & 2
Introducing Chakras
Pelvic Floor
Nada Yoga

I am a senior teacher member of the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY), the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) & Birthlight.

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