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The model of therapy I use

I use an Integrative approach that incorporates a series of therapeutic modalities, including; Humanistic and Existential Psychology, Psychodynamic, Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology.  As a therapist, I understand that one modality may not fix all issues in a clinical setting and together with my clients, I work holistically to decipher which approach may facilitate them more effectively to meet their specific needs.

This integrative model systematically takes on board the whole person; it incorporates their mind, body and spirit which as a therapist allows me to gain a greater understanding of the array of complexities that each client may be facing.

This approach allows clients to explore their whole world, including their family and social arena, resulting in them gaining greater self-awareness, new patterns of behaviour while removing addictive and negative ones.

I deliver both short and long-term counselling, boosting change and reinforcing wellbeing.I aim to build a trusting, therapeutic relationship where my clients feel safe enough to explore all issues that they may be facing. I remain empathetic, respectful, reinforce confidentiality and maintain professional boundaries throughout.

My experience in Counselling

I hold an MSc in Addiction Psychology and Counselling and am genuinely passionate about working with this client group. I am also a registered member of the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Practitioners (FDAP) and abide by their ethical code of practice.

I am an enthusiastic Therapist with an excess of 10 years of working with diverse client groups, covering an array of psycho-social issues, including, addiction, mental health, dual diagnosis, sexual health and LGBT issues.  Throughout my clinical practice I remain, respectful and embrace diversity related to race, religion, culture, sexuality, gender, faith and physical ability.

I have worked as a Practitioner in a variety of services where my therapeutic interventions have supported my clients overcome an array of psycho-social issues, including, addiction, domestic violence, unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, gambling, homelessness, depression, anxiety and mental health. I currently work at Gamcare, a service where I deliver therapeutic interventions for people affected by problem gambling. Prior to this, I was employed at a drug and alcohol service, CGL where I provided therapies across a range of issues.

My Training and Qualifications                    

MSc Addiction Counselling & Psychology

BSc in Psychology and Nutrition

Accredited Level 3 CPCAB Counselling

Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

National Domestic Violence Telephone Counselling

Dual Diagnosis and Addiction Counselling (Cygnet Hospital)

BPAS Counsellor

METRO LGBT Volunteer Counsellor


I specialise in

Adults; depression, anxiety, stress, anger and self-esteem issues.

Addiction: Drug and Alcohol, Eating disorders, Codependency, gambling, exercise.

Domestic Violence, sexual health and LGBT issues.

Fluent in Italian


I was drawn to becoming a Counsellor

In the final year of my BSc in Psychology and Nutrition, a very good friend of mine who used drugs recreationally developed an eating disorder. I supported her through her journey and the experience changed my career goal posts forever. I questioned human behaviour on a deeper level; I was left intrigued as to why some people dabble with drugs/alcohol while others develop an addiction. I questioned relationships, risky behaviours and social dynamics.

I also questioned the relationship I was in at the time and realised that there was a power imbalance, I believed I was being emotionally drained and manipulated. I was not able to discuss any of this with my family or friends and sought help with the University counsellor. After my six sessions, I ended my relationship and was determined to pursue a career as a therapist.


Clinic Times

Friday 11.30am – 3.30pm



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