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The model of therapy I use
I combine psychodynamic and mindfulness-based therapy. The aim of psychodynamic therapy is to bring the unconscious mind into consciousness, by doing this I encourage clients to experience and understand their true, deep-rooted feelings in order to resolve them. It is believed that our unconscious holds onto painful feelings and memories, which are too difficult for the conscious mind to process. In order to ensure these memories and experiences do not surface, many people will develop defences, such as denial and projections, which will often do more harm than good. This form of therapy allows us to work together on the immediate problem and find a solution.
Mindfulness-based therapy incorporates practices such and meditation and breathing exercises. Using these tools allows the client to break away from negative thought patterns, reducing the risk of depression or relapses. Mindfulness allows clients to learn how to pay attention to each moment, see the minds patterns, and the way in which certain patterns of mind lead to an escalation of emotions, despite our best effort to control them.

My experience in counselling
I have been in the mental health industry for over 30yrs and during that time I have had experience of working with Greenwich Mind in various capacities such as Crisis Counsellor, Counselling Trainer and Clinical lead.
I trained as a Mindfulness Coach with Professor Mark Williams, D Phil, who founded the Institute for Medical and Social Care Research and the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice. His world renowned research is concerned with psychological models and treatment of depression and suicidal behaviour. He uses experimental cognitive psychology to help understand the processes that increase risk of suicidal behaviour in depression.

I specialise in
Adults; generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, bipolar disorder and depression

My training and qualifications
Postgraduate Advanced Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling (Goldsmiths University) Mindfulness Coach (trained with Professor Mark Williams) Worked at Greenwich Mind since 1994 Volunteer – Greenwich Mind Crisis Counsellor – Greenwich Mind Counselling Trainer – Greenwich Mind
Supervisor – Greenwich Mind Clinical lead – Greenwich Mind

I was drawn to becoming a Counsellor
My introduction to counselling came when I attended therapy myself for depression and anxiety. The catering company I was running started to struggle financially; I was awake most nights worrying and then found it hard to function during the day. It became a downward spiral which I could see no way out off.
This was in the late 1980’s when I then saw an advertisement for a 3-month contract within social services working within an HIV unit.
The motivation for the job at the time was financial but once I got there I folded the business because I realised there was such a huge gap in care and people were really in need of support. I didn’t have enough knowledge or experience so decided to train as a Counsellor and my initial 3-month contract turned into 5 years.
I recognised these people were suffering from stigma, discrimination and fear, all of which are echoed in mental health.
My passion is recovery and resilience in mental health

Clinic times: 

Wednesday 5.30 – 8.30

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