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Life Coaching

Feeling Stressed or Anxious?  Upset Stomach? Sore back? Headaches? Painful joints?


Are these and other health issues happening repeatedly and just don’t seem to clear up?  If so, have you ever considered Life Coaching? Perhaps now is the time to finally resolve these health and stress-related issues by using a unique and cutting-edge coaching methodology?


Life Coaching is now a widely recognised and fully accepted mainstream support service which provides many of us with the tools to help with more short term life issues or challenges that can easily come our way – such as dealing with a health issue, relationship breakdown, career & money concerns or making major decisions e.g. finding yourself at a crossroads in life or realising you’ve started an unhealthy coping habit like overeating, drinking and smoking.


Using the Louise Hay method, the underlying thoughts patterns, which often contribute to these issues, can easily be identified and eliminated and, can lead you to a fulfilling and satisfactory outcome and indeed, life.


The purpose of coaching is to close the gap between where we our currently are and where you desire to be using tools and techniques to assist, challenge, encourage and empower you.


Life Coaches deal with each client’s issues on an individual basis and determine the proper strategy for their needs, this includes meeting with clients to discuss needs and goals and to develop strategies and plans for clients.  Life Coaching is a practice that both client and practitioner make a commitment to – work begins immediately after completing the initial discovery session and an initial period of 3 months is agreed upon to work together. The work that they do takes time to materialise and research suggests that 7-12 months working together is an optimal time to achieve results and solidify success.

Initial discovery session £80.00

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