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The method of therapy I use
Life Coaching is now a widely recognised and fully accepted as a mainstream support service which provides many of us with the tools to help with more short term life issues or challenges that can easily come our way; such as dealing with a relationship breakdown, career and money concerns, or making major decisions. You might find yourself at a crossroads in life, realising you’ve started an unhealthy coping habit e.g. overeating, drinking and smoking, which are often formed due to stress-related circumstances. Or you might simply feel overwhelmed by the number of priorities you have to manage at one time.

Life coaching tools can also help identify and eliminate beliefs such as, “relationships don’t work”, “life is difficult”, “I don’t matter”, “I’ll never have what I really want”, “I’m not good enough” many of which, if left unchecked, can stop us achieving our full potential.

Life coaching works by identifying how we think i.e. identifying negative thought patterns that we all carry around with us and which, in truth, can colour our lives far more than we understand plus, can often pre-determine the outcome of our challenges. The good news is that these negative thought patterns can be easily identified and changed which, in turn, will lead us to a much more fulfilling and satisfactory outcome and indeed, life.

My experience in Life Coaching
I’ve been following Louise Hay’s method of Coaching Practice for over 25 years and, with her foundational principles of self-love and self-acceptance along with positive affirmations, have found that many of the concerns and worries that we face today can be resolved much more easily than we actually realise.

I have been coaching and mentoring since 2003, not only with individual clients but also in the workplace, within communities and with young offenders. In addition to this, I have run evening group workshops and weekend retreats, all of which have been recognised and acknowledged as successful. I am an Accredited Member and Master Life Coach/Practitioner of EMCC (The European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and am regulated and insured by CThA (The Complementary Therapists Association – UK).

My background, training and studying to date have all lead me to care passionately about people’s welfare at all stages of their life and nothing gives me a greater sense of purpose than to see my clients gain understanding and apply and make positive use of the coaching tools that are available to them. Allowing them to empower themselves to lead a more healthy, wealthy, prosperous and loving life.

I specialise in
1-2-1 Adult & Teens – Life challenges and changes, relationship and career and money issues, weight loss, habits, and teen empowerment (plus group sessions when available)

My Training and qualifications
Louise Hay – Heal Your Life – Master Life Coach and Coaching Methodology
Louise Hay – Heal Your Life – Group Workshop Teacher
Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Bachelor and Master Degree levels in Business, Finance, Law and Psychology

I was drawn to becoming a Life Coach
I was drawn to becoming a Life Coach following my many life experiences and long term career to date. Many people, including myself, encounter lots of challenges (sometimes all at the same time) which leave us feeling unconfident and, for a short while, unable to cope. With the right kind of guidance and via someone who is totally independent of our usual circle of family and friends, we can see that life isn’t always going to be so uncomfortable. Therefore often, with a different perspective, the right tools and a simple shift in attitude, our circumstances can not only be made a lot easier but, in many cases, our upset is lessened completely and comparatively quickly.

Life Coaches deal with each client’s issues on an individual basis and determine the proper strategy for their needs, this includes meeting with clients to discuss needs and goals and to develop strategies and plans for clients.  Life Coaching is a practice that both client and practitioner make a commitment to – work begins immediately after completing the initial discovery session and an initial period of 3 months is agreed upon to work together. The work that they do takes time to materialise and research suggests that 7-12 months working together is an optimal time to achieve results and solidify success.

Clinic Times
Tues: 3pm – 7pm
Saturday/Sunday: 1 & 2 day Courses (as advertised)

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