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The model of therapy I use

My approach is a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP/Hypnotherapist and Time Line therapy. My experience has shown that these modalities together uncover the root cause of a problem, whilst facilitating change by creating a better understanding of ourselves and behaviours. This understanding then creates the change required to replace unwanted habits, thus enhancing our output and performance.

Bad habits are like weeds, hypnosis essentially kills the weeds whilst at the same time planting seeds of knowledge in the cleaned up fertile ground which is the subconscious mind.

To defeat fears and phobias I have found I get the best results using the timeline model. This form of mental detox is extremely effective at removing the negative and debilitating emotions surrounding events and situations essentially triggering the client’s fear. This technique can also be applied content free meaning the client does not have to experience the emotions and events of the root cause.

My experience in counselling

I have been an NLP/Hypnotherapist practitioner since 2006 and a Hypnotherapist since 2011. Initially studying NLP/Hypnotherapist as a communication tool to help my development as a Key Account and Business Development Manager in Pharma Sales. After qualifying, my career took off and I was achieving top sales performer year on year even though I had no previous sales experience, alongside this I was presenting to 200 delegates at a Dermatology Conference in Miami

Experiencing first-hand the benefits both NLP and hypnotherapy provided, I decided to teach the skills I had acquired, at first to friends and work colleagues, eventually running retreats at home in the UK and Thailand.

I have now aligned my practice, working alongside addiction and mental health centres, in the Greenwich Borough. Since qualifying, I have helped countless clients get over addiction, phobias and life’s hurdles.

I specialise in

Addictive behaviours and patterns.

Working with Women balancing the stresses of modern life from menopause to dating and maintaining a healthy relationship

Phobias, confidence, performance enhancement, smoking cessation, weight loss and life coaching

My training and qualifications

EMDR 2019 – John Dewar

NLP/Hypnotherapist Practitioner 2006 – Toby and Kate McCartney

Hypnotherapy Practitioner 2011 – Toby and Kate McCartney

Clinical Hypnotherapy 2018- Steve Adams

Member of GHR

Association of IntegrativePsychology

Fully insured with Holistic Insurance

I was drawn to becoming a Counsellor

My life was great, I was top sales performer in the country, my coaching practice was growing, I was in a loving relationship and had an amazing group of friends, but then 2014 I started suffering from low mood and panic attacks.

I could no longer leave my house due to my anxiety, and I fell into deep depressions which led me to some very dark places.

After numerous trips to my GP and a cocktail of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications which didn’t help, I hit rock bottom. So on the advice of some of my peers from my therapy network, I sought help through counselling and talking therapy.

Thanks to this, I have been back and fighting fit since June 2017, and with no medication.

Once I got the right treatment and had extensive hypnotherapy and counselling I was able to uncover and deal with the triggers underneath my ill health. This then leads me to question why these therapeutic modalities aren’t more mainstream, as the medication I had been taking was clearly just masking and exacerbating my situation. Therefore I changed career and have been doing this full time since. It’s now my mission to make hypnotherapy mainstream.

Clinic Time

Tuesday 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Thursday 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Saturday – Flexible

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