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The model of therapy

I am a fully qualified NLP practitioner, from working together I identify the NLP tools and techniques appropriate for each individual client from a number of NLP tools, including anchoring, submodalities, identifying limiting beliefs, cause and effect, themes, reframing, perceptual positions, the circle of excellence. This approach is based on the communication model/epistemology that we all interface with the world differently. Having practical experience in a range of approaches I can customise the session to each client’s specific needs. This process is based on establishing a good rapport between NLP therapist and client based on the presuppositions of NLP. I will support the outcome the client desires to achieve better overall well-being, make the best choices for themselves and establish what steps to take to move forward at their own pace. Each session is a confidential and non-judgemental space, the client can express themselves fully and freely to the degree required to achieve their target.

My experience as an NLP practitioner

I qualified as a life coach in 2005 and as an NLP practitioner in 2015. The tools are invaluable and I have used them since qualifying with friends, family and work. I have used the tools and techniques professionally while managing, developing, training and motivating staff as well as dealing with conflict and communication challenges.
The above experience has allowed me to grow my practical experience and give me the skills required to help clients.

I specialise in

Irrational fears, phobias, addiction, communication, inner conflict and outer conflict, anxiety, stress, goals, change.

My training and qualifications

AIP approved NLP practitioner training
The Life Coaching Institute Diploma in Life Coaching
Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

I was drawn to becoming an NLP therapist

My own experience of inner conflict was my first voyage into NLP.
I’m a CIMA qualified accountant with over 15 years’ experience in financial services and was working in a good role with a good career. However, I wasn’t fulfilled and desired a more fulfilling role that helped people directly motivated by my coaching experience to date. With the assistance of NLP tools, I resolved this inner conflict and have been able to choose work that suits my life better.
This period of inner conflict was decidedly stressful. I was anxious about letting my colleagues and family down. I was concerned about changing my career, letting go of my work identity and financial implications. With reframing and perceptual positions, I was able to view different aspects from differing points of views. I realised how much of the problem was real or not real. This helped me to take the first steps towards the change I wanted. I have continued to use the tools and/or techniques through this journey.

Clinic Times

Wednesday 10am -1pm & 7-9pm
Saturday 9-1pm (one per month)

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