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The method of therapy I use

The world is ever changing. There are big changes, political for example which affect everyone and smaller changes which affect us individually. Those changes can be at work, with family, friends and children. I became a coach because I didn’t want to only be swept along with the changes around me. I wanted to choose as well. And that’s where coaching can help you to.

Every choice has got you where you are today; if you want to have something different then it is time to make different choices.

Einstein says “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

How do you know if you need a coach? Are you suffering, dissatisfied or irritated? Is there an area of your life that you are stressed or anxious about? Coaching offers you a space to talk freely.

There is a 3 step process to my coaching approach.
1. Identifying the problem
2. Prioritise
3. Make different choices

The energy treatment is a natural complement to life coaching; one session can easily wash away many limiting beliefs that have been holding you back creating space and ease to make different choices. These sessions will ideally be at the end of coaching.

The energy sessions I offer are
• Bars (energy points on the head)
• Facelift (energy points on the face)
• Body processes (for aches, pains and energies trapped in your body)

The Bars are 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life. During an Access Bars session, the practitioner gently touches these points to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may have limited you in the concerned life areas.

My experience as a coach and energy worker

I have been an NLP practitioner and coach for a number of years. I have mainly used these skills in the corporate environment to support and motivate team members. I have also coached friends and family members. Now that I have young children I want to take these skills and life experience and coach clients who are looking for more of them in their lives.

My training and qualifications
Accredited life coaching course – The Life Coaching Institute
NLP Practitioner Training -NLP practitioner with Toby & Kate Macartney
Shop | Access Consciousness -Access consciousness bars, body process and face lift

I was drawn to becoming a life coach and energy worker

Life has been interesting and not always fun! I grew up in an interesting family environment that didn’t work for me! I suffered a huge family bereavement in my early twenties and in my thirties I went on a journey to motherhood.

Life is an adventure, and the journey is mainly about how you manage the rollercoaster of highs and lows. I enjoy this adventure and consider myself to be a traveller of the soul.

I’ve always been interested in helping others, personal growth and change. When others many feel anxiety and stress at change I have be known to be so enthusiastic that I may as well be standing with pom poms shouting ‘bring it on’. If you find this annoying in writing them I am not the coach for you.

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.

Monday to Friday – 9am-11am
Saturday & Sunday – Flexible

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