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Well Women Yoga

Well Women Yoga is an innovative approach to yoga that was created by women for women, recognising that we are creatures of cycles & hormonal fluctuations.

Well Woman yoga therapy is offered for the benefit of women with special requirements that cannot be met fully in general yoga classes. The benefits of Well Woman yoga are inseparably psychological and physiological. Women are offered body-mind practices that benefit them through life-cycle stages.

Discomforts that, perhaps, are not serious enough to warrant medical treatment may compromise women’s quality of life. These can be effectively addressed with yoga therapy, optimising wellbeing. This approach to yoga also helps women access a space of deep relaxation in which the psychological or mental roots of current conditions may be identified and addressed.

However, the practices can also be followed along with any conventional medical treatment you may be receiving as well woman yoga therapy is compatible with both mainstream care and complementary therapies.

Well Woman Yoga empowers women to actively take charge of their wellbeing with body and mind-based therapeutic tools that are simple and effective.

Issues that can be addressed include; fibroids, PCO, endometriosis, menopausal symptoms, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, migraine, sciatica, prolapses, pudendal neuralgia, unexplained infertility, anxiety, thyroid conditions, adrenal fatigue, diastasis recti, adenomyosis and more.

What to expect in during a session.

Prior to creating bespoke practices for each woman, you are required to complete a confidential and detailed information form. This information, along with discussion, enables Bernadette to assess what needs to be addressed in terms of yoga practices.

These practices are not all necessarily asana (postures) driven. Often other techniques, such as breathing, relaxation, visualisation, concentration and other more subtle practices are incorporated.

These practices will also vary depending on how you are feeling on the day-what has been going on in your life, whether professional or personal, your energy levels, your monthly cycle and so on.

It is highly recommended that you commit to a regular course of sessions in order to receive the most benefit and empowerment.

If you would like to discuss how well woman yoga therapy/tuition may be helpful for you, Bernadette is happy to offer a free 10 minute telephone consultation. Please email to arrange.

Bernadette offers 1-1 guidance in well women yoga tuition & therapy as well as group classes, courses & workshops.

She is a senior British Wheel of Yoga teacher, specialising in the holistic health of women & babies, with 30 years teaching experience. She also holds a diploma in well woman yoga and is qualified to observe student yoga teachers. (TPOT). Bernadette is also a very experienced massage therapist, Reiki master and Australian Bush Flower Essences practitioner and so may also incorporate any of the above, with your agreement, to optimise the supportive, therapeutic experience.

Fees: 1-1 Yoga therapy for women’s health. Tailored to each individual’s needs

Initial consultation 90 mins £70.
Detailed health form sent to you in advance to be completed & brought to the session.

Follow up blocks 3 sessions @ £65 = £195. To be taken within 3 months of payment

6 sessions @ £60 = £360. To be taken within 6 months of payment

12 sessions @ £55 =£660. To be taken within 12 months of payment.

These can be weekly or monthly sessions.

(Please note that 20% discount with the flyer is only valid with block bookings)


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